Mp3Juice F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Where do I find the downloaded MP3s?
You may check your browser settings. There you will find your download path. CLick the Downloads menu option or go to your standard downloads folder in menu.

Which file formats are supported by MP3 Juice app?
YouTube videos can be converted to MP3 audio file or MP4 for video. If you provide your own URL from YouTube directly into the search box - converter will start working on an MP3 file. There will be no option to choose MP4 format, just beware.
Soundcloud results are always available as MP3 audio files.

The search is not working. Mp3 Juices is not working.
First of all please try to delete your browser cache, and refresh the page. Try pressing CTRL+SHIFT+R to reload page and avoid cache entirely. Should you still get no results there might be no possible videos satisfying your search query. If you think this is not your fault, send us a DM using our contact form.

Which platforms are supported by Mp3 Juice?
At the moment we are only working with YouTube and Soundcloud. In the future more sources will be available.

Mp3Juice YouTube video player is not working.
You must know that some videos/songs may not be available in your area. YouTube usually has multiple verisons of popular songs, just try another one or refresh your search.

My question is not listed or not answered by MP3Juice.
Use our contact form to send us your request or question.